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DevOps Implementation - Thoughts and Approach

By Bala Pasumarthi on February 9 2021

When DevOps was first introduced, it came as a fresh departure from rigid legacy

EAI for BFSI: API INTG Approach, Design & Archt

By Bala Pasumarthi on July 13 2020

API integration is critical for the success of an organization, but it's not as overwhelming as...

Open Banking APIs - Driving the future of the banking sector

By Bala Pasumarthi on July 2 2020

We're moving towards an interesting time in the world of banking. While banks and fintech are...

The right digital framework for cloud security

By Nischal Tanna on June 19 2020

The Cloud has become a significant topic in computing; however, the trend has established a new...

Cloud implementation essentials every business needs to know

By Nischal Tanna on June 10 2020

Cloud implementation has become the ideal way to deliver enterprise applications. The enterprise...

How digitization helps in sustaining and growing business revenue

By Nischal Tanna on June 10 2020

Few weeks back, I chanced upon this interesting graphic that has been doing the rounds for quite...