CX Guide for Brands - How to Adapt to the New Normal

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Mar 1, 2023 4:30:00 PM

Corporate executives today are emphasizing the importance of customer experience as one of their top priorities. It's imperative to act now since both B2B and B2C clients rely on digital platforms. 

That entails putting an emphasis on and investing in digital experiences, which involves providing what people need through the channels they choose while also being timely, relevant, and empathic.  

Additionally, brands must think about how to achieve this cost-effectively while optimizing the rewards on their current technological investments. Gaining client favor isn't the only benefit; maintaining market relevance and leadership are as well. 

In this blog, we've discussed some practical strategies that and outlined a few crucial tactics that might be used straight away to build a loyal customer base for your business.

1. Omnichannel

One example of the new standard is the capability for customers to order clothing through an online store or social media and pick it up in-store or as a drive-in. Through consumer-focused sales, the fashion market's trajectory has significantly shifted. The firms that can provide consumers with convenience will succeed in the long run.

2. Increase Empathy for Customers

Your entire customer journey map must be adjusted in light of the current circumstances. You must accept the distinct experience and feelings. Every touchpoint on your customer's journey has evolved, and they all now have various emotions and experiences.

3. Be Inclusive 

Online sales increased as a result of the growth of eCommerce, particularly following the Covid-19 epidemic. The typical understanding of inclusivity is to include all groups. You may broaden this idea and invite all your consumers to take part in the promotion and creation of your products. 

Increased diversity can help your business better align with its target audience, facilitate independent judgement, and facilitate adaptation to unforeseen occurrences like the pandemic. It appears odd that revealing a product flaw can increase sales and brand credibility. For instance, reviews play a big role in the popularity and brand recognition of Amazon.

4. Engage with Compassion

If you want to establish a true and enduring human connection with your consumers, you must interact with them personally. 

Establishing new digital self-service tools, such as online forms for specialized inquiries, can encourage clients to visit you. Create additional tools that are user-friendly, experience-driven, and show your intent to assist with their requirements. 

Invest in your customer service departments and provide your team with the education, knowledge, and digital tools they require to satisfy customer’s needs. Customer service representatives may solve problems more quickly when they have context about their clients, such as information about their past purchasing habits, search trends, and service requests. 

They may even make proactive suggestions that help your clients get more value overall from your business if they have the relevant information at their disposal. 

Ensure that real-time interactions can be had online. These days, it is quite easy to install chatbots, virtual agents, and contextual AI helpers, which are helpful for giving real-time responses to enquiries. To provide a helpful and human-like experience, it's crucial to design your chatbots with regard for your clients and their attitude. 

You may further customize your product and message depending on client feedback and challenges by using call center and chatbot data to gain important insight into their requirements and problems. We adapted these principles while offering digital transformation solutions to our prestigious clients.

5. Be Quick to React

Ensure a rapid response method for every touchpoint and on every channel since customers look for prompt acknowledgements. 

Find any gaps in your customer journeys where you don't yet have response systems in place. If you have created new web forms to collect client inquiries, be sure to send the customer an email or text acknowledging receipt of their inquiry. 

By allowing sentiment analysis add-ons on your current customer engagement platforms, you may gain improved visibility into friction areas. To find bottlenecks, use low-cost insight extraction methods for social networks and the press. 

6. Deliver as Promised

Assess your products and services first. Do you have the ability and capacity to deliver on them, and are they relevant to the most recent consumer needs? Keep both under continual, live observation. Ensure that stock levels are current and appropriately reported throughout all your systems, on the internet, and in other communications, such as in retail. 

Improve the integration of your product catalog with ERP, CRM, marketing, e-commerce systems, and your website by using add-ons and rapid integration techniques. 

Showing clients that you are available for business while setting clear expectations is also a good idea. 

Give confidence and be honest in your communication if you are unable to deliver straight away. Customers must always be given the opportunity to accept or reject a delivery schedule, any substitute services or options that could be offered. For instance, include average delivery times on your homepage or inform them that online meetings are taking the place of in-person ones. 

7. Utilize the Technology

With the help of modern technology, there is simply no excuse to not utilize digital transformation solutions, with everything from interactive sales tools to AR and VR, high-quality video, 3D graphics and experiences, and enhanced product configurations that offer additional features and advantages. 

Being one of the top digital transformation companies in Singapore, we advise you to take on the following technologies for better advancement. 

  • 3D visualization: It is perfect for promoting items in an interesting way with top-notch graphics and expert video animation. Compared to text-based material and instructions, CGI may frequently explain a product's characteristics and benefits far more effectively and at a lower cost. 
  • Product configuration solutions: Interactively display customized items to your consumers. It's a simple-to-use marketing tool that works to draw in and keep clients. 
  • AR and VR: Web AR and virtual reality movies give your clients an immersive experience that is sure to be a cutting-edge experience. Visual communication makes a strong statement in a time when the consumer market has extremely high expectations. 
8. Create a Customer Journey Map

It takes time to perfect your client experience; it doesn't happen overnight. Why? Because it calls for your entire business to put the interests of your consumers at the forefront of everything you do. 

Customer experience path mapping enables you to understand your customers' perspectives. A visual depiction of each interaction a consumer has with your brand is a customer journey map (e.g., social media channels, website, call center). It encapsulates consumers' overall perceptions about your product or service.\ 

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The following conversion steps are shown on a good customer journey map: 

  • Awareness: When a consumer learns about your brand via social media, an internet search, a tip from a friend, or an advertising.
  • Consideration: A customer assesses or thinks about your brand using internet research, reviews, comparisons with other brands, or independent review websites. 
  • Purchase: When a client completes a transaction or becomes a client who pays. 
  • Loyalty: A client that supports your brand and makes further purchases out of loyalty.

You can make more value-driven decisions and improve your customer experience when you smooth out the customer path. 

It's A Long-Term Play 

Customer experience (CX) design is the process of closely examining customer feedback to create an experience that meets their needs and preferences. Customer experience designers work to make sure every connection a customer has with a business is fruitful, enjoyable, and encourages them to return. 

Never compromise your customer experience plan or let yourself get comfortable. While some best practices, like gathering and analyzing customer feedback, will always be fairly consistent, other aspects of the CX design, like digital transformation, will need to be reviewed so that you can keep offering more pleasurable experiences and pushing the boundaries in how you present your products. By pushing the limits, you may elevate your brand above competitors in the market. 

Overall, the secret is to never stop trying to satisfy the needs of the consumer and to always aim to surpass their expectations. 

What do we suggest? Work on defining and simplifying your customer experience design while keeping in mind that as your company and customer base expand, things may need to change. 

Let's Talk 

Making decisions about your entire customer experience strategy will become simpler as you discover what it means to interact with consumers on their terms and gather data along the way. 

Get in touch with us right away, as we take complete accountability to assist you with your business requirements and help you with CX designs and other crucial services needed for effective digital transformation solutions.