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Nischal Tanna

Mr. Nischal Tanna is the Founder & Group CEO at TransformHub He is an MBA in Finance and Operations and has successfully completed the Oxford Fintech program. His Strategic Skills include Technology Leadership, Product Management, Strategy & Planning, Governance & Regulatory. He is also an expert in Digital & Mobile Banking Technology, is a hands-on Technologist in the modern ecosystem of Mobile, APIs, Cloud [e.g., AWS, OpenShift], Docker/Micro-services. A DevOps architect of repute, he also has extensive hands-on development expertise. He is certified as a TOGAF & SOA Certified architect and an AWS Certified Solution architect & developer. He also has a certification as a ScrumMaster.

We’re now ISO 27001 certified! Here’s all you need to know.

By Nischal Tanna on January 22 2022

We’re now ISO 27001 certified! Here’s all you need to know.

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