TransformHub to exhibit Digital Transformation Services at Dubai Fintech Surge 2021

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Oct 12, 2021 2:26:25 PM

Fintech Surge is one of the leading global fintech events to be held at the World Trade Center, Dubai, from 17th to 20th October 2021.

Converging Finance & Technology!

Fintech Surge is one of the leading global fintech events to be held at the World Trade Center, Dubai, from 17th to 20th October 2021. It brings together the top fintech ecosystem of the MENA region with fintech leaders, young start-ups, and innovators to share their knowledge. 

The event stands at the convergence point between finance and technology. It is the biggest platform where top leaders come together to witness the revolution in the fintech world. Additionally, the summit will host a Supernova competition in partnership with GITEX Future Stars. It provides an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their potential and compete for the magnificent prize money of US$ 99,000.

The Fintech Market:

The Technology-driven Upsurge!


The fintech sector is growing with a valuation of US$ 31 billion and is projected to grow to US$ 84 by 2025. As other sectors reported losses in 2020, the fintech sector has witnessed rapid growth due to increased digitally accessing finance services. Government and private companies have also started using technology routes for their financial operations, creating demand for more secure and easy to access finance solutions.


Fintech firms raised approximately 22 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2021 alone, establishing the largest quarter of venture capital fundraising in history. FinTech is undeniably at a tipping point, and now is the optimum time for the most significant financial sector changes to occur.


Fintech & the Middle East:

Encouraging Adaptation!


The Middle East market is rapidly evolving as a result of the public's spending habits. In 2018, consumers chose to conduct transactions in cash. However, people's behavior altered throughout the pandemic, and they began using digital money as their primary form of transaction. This sea change in usability has cleared the way for the growth of numerous financial firms.


In the Middle Eastern market, new technology solutions are emerging to satisfy shifting consumer demands. STC Pay is one of the most extensively used payment apps. STC, a telecommunications company, operates it. Democracy, an insurance company, collaborates with insurers, mobile operators, and other industries to provide insurance and protection to emerging market residents who are underinsured or uninsured. 


Role of Fintech Surge 2021:

Empowering Finance with Technology!


The Middle East is quickly becoming a significant technology consumer market. FinTech Surge will serve as a springboard for startups as they strive to achieve their full potentials. InsurTech, PayTech, Digital Banking, RegTech, and Wealth Management are among the FinTech boom's target industries. Also, the summit allows attendees to network with global fintech professionals, share ideas, and learn new insights.


Fintech Surge is comprised of a global network of finance specialists who engage in year-round activities such as online conversations, webinars, interviews, and in-person events in Dubai. The Advance Team's role is to lay the groundwork and generate discussion around the most pertinent and exciting subjects in the run-up to the live and in-person event in October. Hence, FinTech Surge, 2021 is the best way to witness the latest FinTech disruptions in the finance sector.


The FinTech Surge 2021 Speakers:

Maestros who Set Benchmarks!


From music celebrities to FinTech chiefs, some of the speakers are:


  • Dr. Juergen Rahmel ( Chief Digital Officer, HSBC) 
  • Dr. Alexandra K. Mikityuk ( Co-Founder and CEO, Staex)
  • Nick Spanos ( Bitcoin Pioneer) 
  • Jamie Broadbent ( Head of Digital & Innovation RBS International) 
  • Abdulmajeed Alsukhan (Co-founder and CEO, Tamara)

TransformHub Joins Dubai Fintech Surge 2021: 

Expanding the Perception of What’s Possible!


TransformHub is a multi-award-winning Global Digital Solutions company providing a full suite of Digital Transformation & Product Engineering Services to enterprises, product companies & new-age startups. We are excited to announce our participation in the Fintech Surge event 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Center. 


TransformHub is thrilled to share insights about the financial industry's hottest themes through its high-quality workshops. TransformHub will share its vision in futuristic themes like AI disruption, Data Security, Wealth, and Asset Management through its Fintech Labs.

Our Banking and Financial services have their distinct names. We bring forward solutions that have been carefully vetted for the creation of financial applications. Having a client-centric approach, we ensure a secure process and a high rate of return on investment.


Our gamut of services includes Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, DevOps, Cloud Engineering, and Data and Analytics. Our digital transformation and automation services ensure that your processes are upgraded to a safer and organized ecosystem.


Key Takeaways:

  • Given the remarkable 30% compounded yearly development of Fintech in the Middle East and the fast take-up of innovation in the sector, Fintech companies in the Middle East are said to harvest the most.
  • FinTech Surge will fill substantial gaps in the existing local and regional event to establish itself as the region's go-to FinTech sourcing and networking platform.
  • The event will encompass cutting-edge and trendy subjects, specialized training sessions, creative competitions, and customized networking opportunities.
  • FinTech Surge will bring together regulators, investors, banks, and associations worldwide, providing stunning insights and business opportunities for the whole FinTech ecosystem.
  • It will feature the latest technological advancements, products, and laws that will alter the banking and financial services industries.
  • TransformHub is making its way to this year's FinTech Surge at the Dubai World Trade Centre to collaborate with FinTech initiatives and help them achieve ROI.

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Join Us at Fintech Surge 2021:

Let’s Make Your Products Shine!


Fintech Surge has become the industry-defining platform for financial innovations. Connect with our Fintech specialists at TransformHub to unlock technology's true potential in the banking and insurance industries. We assist our clients in resolving business problems and establishing user-automated platforms and solutions with the expertise of our strategy, digital transformation, and fintech teams. 


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