Bala Pasumarthi

Mr. Bala Kishore Pasumarthi is the CTO at TransformHub. He is a Strategic and Visionary technologist. He has spent his career helping teams to build innovative IT architectures using Cloud - AWS/Azure | Node.JS | React.JS | Java | Microservices | DevOps | AI/ML | Python | Docker and enable Digital Transformations.

DevOps Implementation - Thoughts and Approach

By Bala Pasumarthi on February 9 2021

When DevOps was first introduced, it came as a fresh departure from rigid legacy

EAI for BFSI: API INTG Approach, Design & Archt

By Bala Pasumarthi on July 13 2020

API integration is critical for the success of an organization, but it's not as overwhelming as...

Open Banking APIs - Driving the future of the banking sector

By Bala Pasumarthi on July 2 2020

We're moving towards an interesting time in the world of banking. While banks and fintech are...

Reduce time to market with CI/CD Release Automation

By Bala Pasumarthi on June 10 2020

In a day and age where business continuity and profitability mean everything, enterprises are...