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Bala Pasumarthi

Mr. Bala Kishore Pasumarthi is the CTO at TransformHub. He is a Strategic and Visionary technologist. He has spent his career helping teams to build innovative IT architectures using Cloud - AWS/Azure | Node.JS | React.JS | Java | Microservices | DevOps | AI/ML | Python | Docker and enable Digital Transformations.

5G in a Nutshell: How It's Transforming Mobile Application Development

By Bala Pasumarthi on May 16 2021

The wait is finally over and 5G has made an impressive debut in countries like China, South...

Decoding the Popularity of DeFi Lending

By Bala Pasumarthi on April 24 2021

HSBC, one of the largest banks in the world, recently leveraged blockchain technology to...

What is the Role of Cloud Engineering in Digital Transformation?

By Bala Pasumarthi on April 5 2021

Cloud engineering is the use of remote servers over a network. Storage, retrieval, surveillance,...

The Impact of Digital transformation in the insurance Industry

By Bala Pasumarthi on April 2 2021

Digital transformation is a trending buzzword. From manufacturing to retail and healthcare to...

DevOps Implementation - Thoughts and Approach

By Bala Pasumarthi on February 9 2021

When DevOps was first introduced, it came as a fresh departure from rigid legacy

EAI for BFSI: API INTG Approach, Design & Archt

By Bala Pasumarthi on July 13 2020

API integration is critical for the success of an organization, but it's not as overwhelming as...

Open Banking APIs - Driving the future of the banking sector

By Bala Pasumarthi on July 2 2020

We're moving towards an interesting time in the world of banking. While banks and fintech...

Reduce time to market with CI/CD Release Automation

By Bala Pasumarthi on June 10 2020

In a day and age where business continuity and profitability mean everything, enterprises are...