5 Best Product Roadmap Practices to Follow in 2023

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Feb 4, 2023 4:00:00 PM

What Is a Product Roadmap? 

A product roadmap provides a comprehensive picture of all elements of a future product, including its objectives, schedule, features, and resources. 

The roadmap outlines the project a development team is working on, the issue to be addressed, and the commercial objectives to be met by the new product. 

There are two key ways that a good roadmap may act as a project management tool:

1. It's a strategic tool for creating forward-looking objectives and rough timetables for the product 
2. It gives various stakeholders a chance to comment on the aims and development of the product.

Product roadmaps provide internal teams with information about a product's present condition as well as information for outside stakeholders. 

It considers market circumstances, engineering limitations, the organization's value proposition, and the direction towards which it is headed in the coming months. 

What Makes a Product Roadmap Effective? 

Start with the plan of action. You have no target to shoot for if you are unable to articulate your goal on a high level. To properly plan and track your progress, you need a goal to work toward. 

The specifics are crucial. When you are sharing data with various audiences, how do you choose the information to put on your roadmap? 

Depending on who will be seeing your roadmap, you should adjust the view accordingly. For instance, you could want to provide firm executives with a high-level picture of business objectives and a wide schedule, or you might want to give your team members a more in-depth view of the tactical tasks. 

The process is another major issue people have with road mapping. Building and maintaining a roadmap might take a lot of time if you aren't utilizing a solid, specifically designed road mapping tool.  

Manually updating your roadmap and adapting it for various audiences is tiresome. And if you fail to update it even once, those you share your plan with will see an outdated version of the information, which might cause confusion and result in missed deadlines. 

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Fundamentals Of Creating a Roadmap 

Here is a description of how to make a captivating visualization, whether you want to design a new roadmap or enhance an old one:

1. ‘Why’ is important

Does a clear plan exist already? If not, create a vision and a plan of action for your goals. Decide on a core set of success measures and the objectives that will guide the plan.

2. Compile various viewpoints

Before creating specific plans, get the opinions of your partners, coworkers, collaborators, and clients. You may define your goals and fine-tune your vision with input from others around you.

3. Define the topics

Clearly state and organize your goals into a few topics or efforts. These themes emphasize your primary areas of concentration and act as guidelines for forward-thinking job planning. They also enable you to discuss your vision in greater detail.

4. Set priorities and organize

To clarify what needs to be done, break down the concepts into individual task items. Use a scorecard to compare the amount of work needed to assess each proposal. By doing this, you can be confident that the job you are doing is in line with your plan.

5. Make it specific to your audience

Make sure the information is appropriate for your audience and their requirements, whether you are outlining a future endeavor or updating them on your progress. You could decide to discuss strategy, goal-related progress, or particular task items, for instance.

6. Modify as necessary

Your road map is an evolving guide. Update the dates and plans, add new ideas, and demonstrate how you are doing about your objectives. Ensure all the participants receive the updates. 

5 Best Practices to Create an Efficient Product Roadmap

1. Must always be updated

Like any popular source of knowledge, product roadmaps are only helpful if they are updated. 

An outdated plan is meaningless to stakeholders on the outside. They won't receive any helpful information on what is to come. In the worst situation, they might utterly misunderstand what is being worked on. Bring on the frustration.

2. Do not over promise ‘ever’!

Creating a roadmap is fascinating. But we've already discussed the idea of under-promising and over-delivering. A product roadmap is only helpful if it is realistic. 

Keep in mind that your employees and clients will be eager to learn about your ambitions. They won't be thrilled, though, if things start going slowly or not at all. If you consistently let people down, you risk losing their trust.

3. Feedback is crucial

Ideal product roadmaps are developed with input from all relevant corporate departments as well as consumer feedback and demands. 

Additional queries or suggestions might come from those who aren't directly involved in product planning. 

Therefore, it's crucial to have a simple method for people to comment on (and inquire about) your plan. 

  • Provide a forum for discussion on the product plans 
  • Establish a simple method for contacting the person responsible of updating the roadmap 

 4. Ownership must be transparent

It's crucial to identify who is responsible for each task on the product roadmaps, so as to create awareness of who is to be contacted in case of a query. The individuals directly accountable must make it simple to communicate to avoid causing any confusion. 

5. Consistency in format must be maintained

It doesn't matter what format you maintain your product plan in, as long as a discussion on the layout and entries has been conducted, there shouldn’t be any problems. 

It might get quite confusing if the format of your roadmap items is inconsistent, or if it has a lack or an excess of knowledge. 

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