Essential Guide to Choosing Cloud Strategy Partner

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Dec 17, 2022 4:00:00 PM

A strong plan is perhaps the most important aspect of running a successful firm in any industry. But you need more than just a plan; you also need a trustworthy partner. Because cloud computing has evolved into a key component of many enterprises all around the world, cloud advice is just as important as everything else. 

You should start from the very beginning before you can even consider choosing the finest partner for your cloud computing endeavors. 

Learn as much as you can about your cloud strategy partners' capabilities, the value to your company, and the services they provide. When you have these elements in place, choosing and hiring a cloud service consulting firm will be easy. 

We'll examine some of the most important factors you should think about so you can choose wisely straight away. 

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Important Considerations for Choosing the Right Cloud Partner 

Choosing the best cloud partner is a difficult procedure since there are two cloud service providers (CSPs) with different yet distinctive frameworks. Choosing the proper partner to manage the security and compliance of the infrastructure is extremely important when using the cloud environment. 

The important factors that businesses must consider while selecting their cloud partner are listed below. 

  • Security 

The first step for enterprises is determining their security needs because the security measures provided by various CSPs range greatly, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and laws is a need. Organizations may make wise choices by analyzing the security features supplied by cloud providers and analyzing their supplemental services. 

  • Compliance 

The main priority area for enterprises to examine when choosing their cloud service provider is in compliance with all applicable industry standards and compliance rules. After moving apps and data to the cloud, CSPs must make sure that enterprises are aware of their respective roles in attaining compliance. Additionally, they must convey the steps that enterprises will take to build a strong compliance posture for their cloud infrastructure. They should also prioritize third-party audits when confirming compliance with all organizational regulations. 

  • Reporting and analytics 

Organizations can track crucial KPIs in their cloud environment with an efficient, end-to-end analytics and reporting procedure. One of the main services provided by CSPs is advanced analytics, which provides enterprises with a thorough examination of historical data and enables them to guarantee the achievement of their mission-critical goals. Advance reporting systems that offer transparency about resource utilization, traffic, and other activities in a cloud environment are crucial for enterprises. 

  • Manageability 

When it comes to interfacing with current services and orchestration tools, cloud platforms vary greatly. Organizations need to be aware of their need to manage their cloud environment. They must also consider the practicality of switching to other comparable services provided by CSPs in addition to the simplicity of service integrations, which are essential for their organization. 

  • Architecture 

Organizations should study different architecture types and determine which ones best suit their application stack as one of the most crucial things to consider. These designs might be virtual machines, serverless architecture, or web applications 

As enterprises are freed from efficiency, scalability, and infrastructure concerns and can concentrate solely on development, the majority of CSPs are already offering serverless designs. If a company wants to operate its servers, it may also use virtual machines. With a web application, businesses are free to execute programs and distribute code without having to worry about infrastructure, operating systems, or software installation. 

  • Support 

Supporting infrastructure around-the-clock is one of the basic needs of companies. This is especially important if they want to keep operating after regular business hours. To do this, enterprises must assess the CSPs' support offerings and the speed with which inquiries are answered. 

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What Solutions Do Cloud Advisory Companies Provide? 

Customers of businesses like TransformHub, which provides the best digital transformation services in Singapore, make use of a variety of beneficial cloud consulting services. It's crucial to read through each one and get as much information as you can on the services offered. By doing so, you'll learn more about the consulting firm and its expanded offer, which is crucial when deciding which of them to pick as a partner. 

Some of the cloud services offered by the best digital transformation services company, TransformHub are:  

  • Strategy, business, and design 

Thanks to cloud computing, every company wants to speed up innovation nowadays. These firms can benefit from the assistance of cloud consultancy companies by having the foundational cloud strategy of their digital transformation aligned. 

By doing so, businesses may increase their use of digital technology while also increasing their productivity, which will support their basic business goal. 

Web and mobile app design services are also provided to assist clients in obtaining what they want when working from the cloud. As the task will be transferred to a consulting business rather than overloading your personnel, these services will help you save numerous labor hours as well as money. 

  • Infrastructure management 

DevSecOps and cloud adoption are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to infrastructure management. Did you realize that you could guarantee the timely and dependable operation of your system? 

With an annual growth rate of over 24%, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is perhaps the fastest-growing cloud market. 

You can guarantee your apps' scalability using IaaS and virtual machine management. Additionally, because staff members could be inexperienced in cloud administration, your business cannot rely on them to handle catastrophe recoveries and back up the cloud data. 

  • Cloud adoption and migration 

Choosing between IaaS, personal, and agnostic/cloud-native solutions is a need for cloud adoption. More crucially, businesses will need to decide critically essential matters about their industries, including security, management, technology, commerce, and others. 

A cloud-consulting partner like TransformHub is needed to assist your firm with the migration to and adoption of the cloud and to develop a unified adoption plan that considers the whole business portfolio of the organization. The cloud partner should also create a strategy, present a rationale for using the cloud, and identify platform capabilities. 

Businesses that seek to migrate their current IT infrastructure to the cloud frequently run into difficulties. However, a trustworthy cloud strategy partner will assist them in getting rid of any roadblocks and challenges they may encounter. Finally, these companies will provide continuing cloud support while assisting your company in implementing all suggested options. 

  • Services for DevSecOps 

It would be beneficial if you could keep in mind a few details about the development teams who want to use AWS for testing and coding. 

First off, DevSecOps combines software development with IT operations to create far better products much quicker. Numerous useful coding tools are available from cloud providers like Azure and AWS. To aid DevSecOps in creating whatever kind of solution they choose, they also provide automation solutions and a wide range of additional services. 

Having a DevSecOps consultant like TransformHub is therefore essential since they will set the foundation for your team. Your team may swiftly develop and test the quality of your software in the cloud with the help of a DevSecOps expert, enhancing the entire experience your customers will have. 

Additionally, these experts will provide advice on which deals and tools to choose by outlining all their benefits, which is great since if you did it the other way around, you would have to do it manually. 

  • Cloud optimization 

Partners in cloud strategy should create patterns for the best resource orchestration. Among them is auto-scaling for any load spikes that can happen during peak hours. They will also create performance testing techniques and select specific cloud services based on your company's needs. 

Your strategic partner will examine your whole cloud setup to identify duplicate resource use and create procedures to assist correct any issues that are already there. 

  • Observation, maintenance, and security 

All key performance metrics will be monitored by cloud strategy advisers, enabling optimal performance outcomes. 

Additionally, it is well-recognized that security and technology work together. This is especially true when discussing cloud migration. When used properly, cloud architecture becomes extremely secure. You must thus appropriately invest in cybersecurity. 

The cloud is situated in a common environment if you think about it. This implies that an unforeseen security risk will eventually arise. The cloud is quite vulnerable to security dangers and data breaches; therefore, you must develop security measures to prevent such tragedy. 

The greatest security methods will be used for your cloud environment, thanks to the experience of experienced experts. Since the procedures are intended to safeguard your data by avoiding potential dangers, your business will feel secure as a result. 

  • Development of cloud apps 

To achieve secure and quick code delivery, the cloud strategy partner you selected should assist you with designing cloud architectures and putting CI/CD pipelines in place. Additionally, your cloud partner will manage the full app development process on your behalf and help you select the best cloud technology stack. 

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TransformHub - The Cloud Advisory Expert 

Employing a professional will enable you to set up a partially virtual office, giving you more freedom for your regular company responsibilities. Because of the proliferation of IoT devices with internet capabilities, accessing your data is now much easier and more efficient than ever before. The fact that many companies with worldwide operations now have a central cloud team is remarkable.  

Moving to a cloud environment has several significant benefits, including: 

  • Flexible working methods 

Your staff may operate in a flexible environment, thanks to the use of cloud computing. This implies that workers may get access to all the crucial information they require whenever and wherever they are. 

It is an amazing achievement that cloud computing streamlines and makes work more flexible, but that's not all. Additionally, while linked to their virtual office, company owners may promptly access any data they require. 

  • Scalability boost 

With the versatile cloud capabilities that cloud strategy offers, you can quickly increase and grow the storage and operating capacity that your organization requires. Moreover, your cloud partner will take care of everything on your behalf, so you won't need to think about installing pricey upgrades or buying them. 

You should keep in mind that the cloud will also free up more time for you and your staff to concentrate on operating your business and other important tasks. 

  • Lower IT costs 

By a significant margin, adopting the cloud will save operating and management expenses for IT systems. You won't have to worry about purchasing pricey equipment or hosting servers on-site. All you have to do is take pleasure in the knowledge that these expenses will be considerably cheaper because the service provider's cloud resources are being used. 

  • Regular updates 

Your software updates will all be automatic after working with a cloud consulting firm, saving you time from having to do everything manually. Because it is frequently a part of the service you are already paying for, it is also economical. The most recent software versions as well as numerous enhancements are often included in these updates. 

  • Business continuity and information security 

Regardless of the hazards associated with cloud computing, securing your system and its data is a crucial component. Huge power outages, natural catastrophes, and many other things are among these hazards. In contrast, if you put your data on the cloud, you can rest easy knowing that it is safe and has been backed up. 

Additionally, cloud consulting firms provide a lower chance of cyberattacks and data theft. All access to your data will be promptly closed in case of any of these circumstances, long before protective steps are taken. 

You'll have rapid and simple access to your data after eliminating the threat, minimizing wastage and downtime. 


Make sure you have the cloud advisory support you require before you start using the cloud. The greatest thing you can do is determine whether the prospective partner has the required technical and industrial skills as well as whether their security measures are in place and up to date with current standards. 

In addition to knowledge, you should look at the services your potential cloud consulting partner provides to make sure they meet the demands of your business. 

Finally, selecting a cost-effective partner is a benefit because every business aims to provide affordable cloud services. The time and effort put out in carrying out this due diligence will contribute to the smooth running of your cloud adoption initiatives and ensure that you receive everything you require to expand your company. 

Please contact us to find out more about the digital transformation solutions by TransformHub and how we can assist you in creating a flexible, cutting-edge platform in the cloud. Let's connect right away.