How Can Fintech Apps Acquire Attention from Gen Zers

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May 14, 2023 5:00:00 PM

Gen Z (1997–2012), is the first generation of digital natives, with a population of two billion people globally. 

They are youthful, tech-savvy, and accustomed to using applications to help them with daily banking, payments, and finance tasks. 

With 51% of Gen Z customers designating a fintech business as their most trusted financial institution, this generation is looking for fintech tools to help them become financially independent. 

To appeal to Gen Zers, financial app developers and marketers are scrambling to update their offers and creatives with the best digital transformation solutions. 

Fintech apps must provide special and distinctive value to their consumers in order to win over Gen Z, as this age rejects a "one-size-fits-all" philosophy. 

We've put up a list of areas where fintech applications may make investments to effectively woo this desirable generation. 

Why is Gen Z so Valuable to Fintech Apps? 

Gen Z has amassed US$360 billion in discretionary money in the U.S. alone despite the fact that its youngest members are just 10 years old since they save on average around a third of their income. 

Fintech applications stand to acquire a sizable portion of this disposable income given that six out of ten people use mobile devices for digital payments. 

More Gen Zers are considering saving money and investing when they enter the workforce.  

According to studies, 57% of today's 18 to 24-year-olds currently invest via apps. 

In fact, during the epidemic, Gen Z increased the amount of time spent on trading and banking applications by double, demonstrating a sincere concern for their financial situation. 

This generation is a significant demographic for fintech apps to target because of its strong demand for saving and investing money as well as its rising purchasing power. 

How Can Fintech Apps Win the Desired Gen Z Audience? 

Fintech businesses must be smart in their marketing and product development to be able to appeal to Gen Z. 

TransformHub, one of the best digital transformation companies in Singapore, can help you develop these tools. 

This can assist fintech businesses in developing a user-friendly platform that suits the tastes of Gen Z. 

Here are some other strategies for attracting the sought-after Gen Z: 

1. Recognize their preferences 

Gen Z values simplicity and ease of use. 

Additionally, they appreciate customization and individualization, thus applications must provide customized experiences that address their specific requirements. 

2. Embrace social media 

Due to Gen Z's high activity levels on these platforms, fintech businesses must ensure to make use of their social media presence. 

For these businesses, it is essential to produce content that appeals to Gen Z users of fintech and to interact with them on social media. 

3. Accentuate openness and diversity 

When interacting with businesses, Gen Z likes openness and diversity. 

Fintech applications must aggressively encourage diversity and inclusion while being clear about their communications and pricing. 

4. Provide incentives and rewards 

Gen Z is more likely to utilize an app if it provides incentives and prizes. 

Fintech applications ought to offer rewards for utilizing them, including rebates, savings, or special offers. 

Ideas for Increasing Gen Z-Friendliness in Fintech 

You'll want to make sure that the fintech solutions you've built are suitable for Gen Z as their purchasing power increases. 

If you want to make fintech better suited to Gen Z in the future, take into account the following: 

1. Incorporate current features into your design 

Designing for the fintech industry may be challenging because many products must be age-neutral in order to appeal to the largest possible user base. 

For instance, how do you deal with the intrinsic distinctions between millennials and Generation Z in terms of digital fluency? 

No matter the user, minimalist design is essential for a positive user experience. 

Additionally, helpful, accessible design makes sure that everyone can utilize your product to the fullest. 

Gen Z is unlikely to grasp that agony or appreciate the incredible design we have available now, unlike those of us who endured decades of unattractive and cumbersome interfaces.  

They could also consider a website or an app that lacks trends to be outmoded and perhaps even a bit condescending. 

2. Provide information in bite-sized pieces 

Just imagine what Gen Z's attention span of 8 seconds would do to web design if you thought millennials' attention span of 12 seconds was difficult to develop content for. 

The inability of this generation to maintain sustained attention to one task is not at all surprising. 

The emergence of TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram over the past 10 years has conditioned Gen Zers to favor short-form entertainment. 

Additionally, they've learned that there are always other things waiting to grab their attention, so you can't afford to squander their time. 

That’s why we call it ‘digital transformation services’ as it transforms the entire mindset and adaptation towards technology. 

Content must be given in bite-sized bits if you want to sell to and engage with this generation – think snappy headlines and succinct descriptive paragraphs. 

Additionally, as website material must be aesthetically appealing, there should be a lot of graphics to counterbalance the text. 

3. Offer quick satisfaction 

Technology is something that Generation Z values highly. 

I put this on the fact that they were exposed to companies like Amazon and Apple as children.  

Why would you ever settle for less when you have access to high-tech devices that allow you to obtain anything you desire in a day, if not less? 

You as a designer will need to be aware of the different ways that Gen Z consumers may look to you for a quick and easy answer. 

Remember that Gen Z customers won't get the rapid pleasure they crave merely by adding a bunch of automated or digital features. 

4. Share your principles 

Gen Z clients won't stay loyal to a fintech firm just because of its well-known brand name. They don't base their purchase decisions on that. 

The most important factor for Gen Z is finding a brand that shares their beliefs. This frequently entails giving evidence of your support for social or environmental concerns. 

Having said that, forcing anything like this won't work, in fintech, in particular. 

Include more inclusive and varied images and elements as a method to express common ideals.  

5. Include trust seals 

Despite having grown up with technology, members of Generation Z share our concerns about security and privacy. These worries are amplified in a sector like fintech. 

When you consider it, it makes logic. Generation Z is adept with technology. They are aware of the potential dangers of letting their guard down around strong technology like the internet. 

Top-of-mind concerns include privacy concerns like businesses exploiting the information customers provide them with and security threats like being hacked. 

Fintech Apps Can Market to Gen Zers in These 5 Ways 

It's crucial to use a variety of tactics when marketing to the Gen Z population. 

Gen Z fintech firms can build a strong social media presence to reach and engage with this generation, which is extremely tech aware and connected online. 

Additionally, they may employ gamification to make the user experience more entertaining and engaging, provide referral programs to encourage Gen Zers to recommend their friends, establish communities or forums where users can interact, and leverage consumer data to customize the user experience. 

1. Social media 

Gen Zers may be reached via fintech applications through social media. 

Among this group, some of the most well-liked social media sites include Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. 

These platforms let fintech applications communicate with people and provide interesting content. 

For instance, a fintech app that provides investing services may publish instructional videos on Instagram that describe various investment methods or have a Q&A session on TikTok to respond to customer inquiries and assist Gen Z in managing their finances. 

To attract Gen Zers, fintech applications may also work with social media influencers. 

Influencers may share their app-using experiences, highlight its advantages, and provide their followers with exclusive discounts. 

2. Referral initiatives 

By providing referral programs, fintech firms may capitalize on the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. 

For instance, finance software may provide both the referrer and the user with a $10 credit.  

Several platforms, including social media, email marketing, and blog sites, may be used to advertise referral programs. 

Fintech businesses can swiftly and successfully add new users from this key demographic by offering Gen Zers incentives to recommend the app to their friends. 

TransformHub that offers digital transformation services in Singapore can certainly assist you with a similar structure.  

3. Gamification 

Gamification is a well-liked method for enhancing the entertainment value of financial apps for Generation Z users. 

A personal money management app, for instance, may include a game like "Spend Bill Gates Money" to instruct users about setting spending limits and making financial plans. 

Gamification may assist in raising user engagement and loyalty by enhancing the user experience with more enjoyable and engaging features. 

4. Community development 

Gen Z users of fintech applications might feel a sense of community and are encouraged to work together by using community-building techniques. 

Users can establish online communities or groups where they can talk about their experiences, give comments, and pose queries. 

For instance, a financial app that provides budgeting tools may create a community of users who discuss budgeting advice, difficulties, and triumphs. 

5. Personalization 

For Gen Z users to be drawn to and kept, personalization is essential. That is one crucial part of digital transformation solutions. 

Customer data may be used by fintech applications to offer customized goods and services. 

For instance, a financial app that provides event planning services can promote events based on your likes and location to you. 

In addition to assisting Gen Z users in finding events they are interested in attending; this kind of personalization fosters a feeling of community by displaying other attendees at the event. 

In conclusion, companies should use social media, referral programs, gamification, community development, and personalization to advertise banking apps to Gen Zers. 

With the aid of these tactics, fintech applications may stand out in a competitive market and draw in a lucrative and expanding clientele. 


Fintech applications must develop specialized goods and employ techniques like social media, gamification, referral programs, community development, and personalization in order to reach this significant and expanding consumer base. 

It will be intriguing to observe how fintech applications adapt and innovate to address the demands of this significant group as the fintech sector continues to develop. 

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