Benefits of CRM Mobile Apps for Businesses

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Nov 19, 2022 4:00:00 PM

Being among the top digital transformation solution companies, we believe it's important to keep up strong ties with our clients. Using Customer Relationship Management software is always a wise business decision. TransformHub takes accountability to assist you with the best CRM solutions. 

The sales CRM applications in the CRM software enable an integrated dashboard interface to oversee the sales activities due to the issue of locating a prospective lead and turning them into a transaction. 

The CRM software offers the greatest customized features that aid in meeting the needs of the business, starting with different automated capabilities and continuing with setting up reminders and preserving notes. Get sales CRM software from the best digital transformation services company which offers a range of apps that will not only keep you up to speed with the most recent business trends but also help you stay one step ahead of your rivals. 

Your company's ability to increase sales depends on how well you manage your customer relationships. The importance of partnership has grown more than ever in the present. Prioritizing client connections above treating them as a "good to have" has become crucial. 


Why Does Mobile CRM Matter? 

Most individuals carry out their daily tasks using a smartphone or tablet. Mobile CRM apps have become crucial in giving businesses essential and significant information about the consumer to improve the effectiveness and success of the sales process. 

Because it offers instant access to client information whenever needed, businesses are embracing mobile customer relationship management applications more and more. 

Below are a few advantages that a mobile CRM software may provide for businesses: 

  • Businesses may get the most important information instantly with mobile CRM software. 
  • According to research, the sales of between 65% and 68% of sales representatives that use mobile CRM applications have significantly increased. 
  • Direct interaction between sales staff and clients will shorten the sales cycle and strengthen client relationships. 
  • Sales planning that considers consumer demands is more successful. 

Finally, by optimizing sales processes and assuring prompt follow-ups, TransformHub, one of the top digital transformation companies in Singapore, is assisting businesses in maintaining a mutually beneficial connection with clients. 

What To Consider Before Choosing a CRM Application? 

  • Simplicity 

An app's degree of adoption depends on how well users find it, which may suffer if there are too many features that make learning more difficult or if the user experience is subpar. It is a good idea to limit the functionality of a mobile CRM to those that are essential "on the go," leaving the technical aspects to the office. 

  • Security 

A hacked smartphone might result in a major violation of the information, not to mention the trust, since mobile CRM will contain information about your business and the consumers. So, a critical quality to look for in an app is good security. 

  • Offline operation 

On occasion, when you are without internet, it does not imply that your ability to work with your CRM data, seek up information, and be productive from anywhere, has come to an end. Mobile CRM features an offline mode. Your work will be preserved when you return to the online mode. 

Why Do You Need a CRM Application? 

Consider the following if you're still unsure about whether mobile CRM is essential for your small business: 

  • Do you ever find it difficult to oversee your sales team's activities, obtain real-time updates from them, or communicate insights and ideas to team members in real-time? 
  • Do your sales representatives object when you require them to report back to the office following each client meeting with the most recent information on clients and prospects? 
  • Are lengthy sales cycles causing you to lose patience? Do your sales representatives take longer than necessary to conclude a deal? 
  • Do you struggle to make sense of all the data that keeps coming in due to information overload? 

You can overcome these difficulties by locating the ideal mobile CRM app. 


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5 Benefits of CRM Mobile Apps 

Your company's interaction with its clients may be strengthened with mobile CRM software, which will also have an immediate effect on your sales numbers. 

Here are 5 ways it can assist you in achieving your objectives: 

1. Higher Conversion Rates 

Research shows that 65% of sales representatives utilizing a mobile CRM meet their goals, compared to only 22% of those using standard sales CRM software. This generally happens as a result of sales representatives having mobile access to client information through a CRM.  

Without physically being in the office, they may communicate with clients more quickly, book appointments more efficiently, record conversations in real time, and track all these facts. As a result, businesses can respond to client needs more quickly, reduce the sales cycle, and boost the prospect to sales conversion rate. 

For businesses with strong sales, new clients are not the only ones that help to increase sales. This donation is largely made by repeat consumers. 

2. Improved Client Retention 

According to research, a 5% improvement in client retention can result in an increase in profitability of anywhere from 25% to 95%. This is due to the declining costs of marketing and customer service as well as the higher likelihood that repeat customers will recommend people who will buy from you. 

Your sales representatives can provide speedier customer service, thanks to mobile CRM software. They may actively remain in touch with key clients to preserve connections by setting reminders for when to get in touch with them again, selecting which clients to get in touch with based on the goods they need to sell this quarter, finding out what they need, and asking about their requirements. 

3. Speedier Problem Resolution 

Regardless of the channel they choose to communicate with a company through; social media, email, live chat, or phone, customers increasingly want prompt replies and solutions to their problems. According to research, many customers anticipate hearing from a company within an hour after submitting a complaint. 

You and your employees can address problems more quickly, thanks to mobile CRM software since everyone has access to the required customer data wherever they are. Even after hours, they can use their mobile devices to address issues. Business executives can undertake a root-cause analysis of the most prevalent issues consumers are facing, understand them in real-time, and take action to address them thanks to the simple dashboards. 

The fewer issues your customers have, the less often they need to get in touch with customer service, and the happier they are. Additionally, clients who are happy with a company are up to 81% more inclined to do business with them in the long run. 

4. Enhanced Workforce Productivity 

Employee productivity with a mobile CRM can rise 15% above that with traditional CRM software. They can quickly and simply prioritize activities, add or remove tasks with ease, receive notifications when items are added to their to-do lists, and accomplish jobs even while they are not at their workstations. 

Using CRM software, your team may also gather data and make it accessible to the proper organization stakeholders. The outcome? Customers receive clear messages, and there is less rework, which directly affects productivity inside your business. 

Because it enables company executives to outsource non-core activities to others and monitor their progress, a mobile CRM also increases productivity. They have more time to devote to their primary responsibilities, which helps the organization expand. 

5. Accountable Sales Team 

Holding your sales crew responsible gets difficult if your company lacks a CRM. When questioned about their sales funnel, they repeatedly mention the same customers' names. However, orders are not closed. When you challenge them, they provide transparent justifications. But you find that you are unable to change anything. 

Your sales force can follow orders, thanks to a mobile CRM system. On-the-go updates are possible. These updates may be made without their having to go into the office or "forget" to make entries. Without physically being there at work, you may monitor the daily and weekly performance of your team. 

Importance of CRM Mobile Apps for Employees 

Office workers are no longer restricted to their workstations; they may now work wherever they are as needed. To meet customers, sales representatives go between offices and the latter. Even when they are out of the office meeting with prospects, the field force needs access to schedules and work orders. 

When employees have the opportunity to access their work remotely, even occupations that four years ago required an individual to be present in the office are made more productive. 

This is so that people may work from wherever it is most convenient for them, thanks to gadgets like smartphones and tablets. 

Departments throughout your whole firm have access to the same data, regardless of platform compatibility difficulties, encouraging a more collaborative work environment, even if they are not in the same building or even the same nation. 

Importance of CRM Mobile Apps for Customers 

Customers gain from your company's availability of a mobile CRM app beyond the advantages of giving staff greater flexibility in their working environment. 

Making sure your clients receive the finest service possible at all times is possible with the aid of a mobile CRM application. Employees have immediate access to important information, so they are fully prepared to give clients the trustworthy information they require without delay. 

Even people who don't deal with consumers directly may utilize a mobile CRM app to manage their calendars, analyze their data, produce reports, and compile vital documents in a safe, centralized area. 

Why Choose TransformHub for CRM Mobile App Development Services? 

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